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“MAKING the business world a smaller place”

Corporate services and transactions

There are several methods of business valuation, however, only four of them are better known and, consequently, used more often:

  • Valuation of net equity at market value
  • Valuation by share prices
  • Valuation by EBITDA multiples
  • Valuation by discounted cash flow

PP&C has a valuation department prepared to perform valuation work in its entirety:

  • Identify the most suitable pricing model for the business
  • Assess future profitability, including the definition of assumptions, scenarios and indicators, involving representatives from all areas of the company that can directly or indirectly contribute to the correct analysis of assumptions and opportunities
  • Identify financial KPIs
  • Analyze the results from the business point of view, using a structure that is coherent and tested through comparisons with market benchmarks
  • Identify financial risks with the return of the purchase or sale
  • Present the expected results in a comprehensive manner so that the client can understand and evaluate them
  • Analyze the budgeting process and current systems, identify weaknesses and develop and implement solutions for strategic and budget planning, considering the market’s best practices.

How we do

Strategic and Budgeting Planning

Analysis of the budgeting process and current systems, identification of weaknesses and development and implementation of solutions for strategic and budget planning, considering the market’s best practices.

Review and development of cost system

Adoption of a specific methodology of proven quality for the review, modeling and implementation of cost systems that meet accounting, tax and, specially, managerial and sales pricing aspects.

Development of value study

Development of study to define the economic value of projects, companies and other assets. Among other purposes, this may be used as a parameter in purchase and sale negotiations for companies or ownership interest. The aim is to define a range of value for projects, companies and other assets.

Economic and financial valuation for accounting and tax purposes

Consists of an economic and financial valuation with the objective of offering support in accounting for goodwill, intangible asset values and tax uses.

Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) Preparation

Development of the financial modeling and preparation of the Purchase Price Allocation, based on intangible assets identified by the company for asset allocation purposes in relation to the acquired company’s equity.

Development of financial modeling in compliance with CPCs 01, 15 and 32

Development of financial modeling and preparation of tests for compliance with CPCs, with the issuance of specific reports for this purpose.

Business model development

Development of financial modeling to meet the customized necessities of companies.

Business restructuring/recovery planning

Development of corporate strategies related to the expansion of businesses, as well as the most consistent tactics for each situation. The result is the alignment and orientation of available resources to reach entrepreneurs’ goals, either from a marketing or financial point of view.

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