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The special drawback regime is an incentive to export and consists in the suspension, refund or exemption of taxes on the import of materials for the manufacture of products to be exported. The benefits apply to IPI, II, PIS, COFINS, ICMS and also the Additional Charge for the Merchant Marine Renewal – (Adicional de Frete para Renovação da Marinha Mercante - AFRMM).

Services include a complete assistance for the use of this special regime:

  • Mapping the Drawback Regime applicability in the Exemption, Refund and Suspension modalities
  • Development of the concession request for Suspension Drawback
  • Development of the concession request for Exemption Drawback, through the filling out of specific documents
  • Development of the routines, standards and processes required for the periodic and timely completion of the procedures related to the Drawback Regime until their completion
  • Provision of qualified professionals to perform all tasks in order to offer operational support for the completion of all procedures related to the monitoring, verification and completion of existing rules applicable to the Suspension and Exemption Drawback modalities

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