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Diagnosis of accounting practices

This work is aimed to identify and conclude if the main accounting practices adopted by the company, in the preparation and presentation of its accounting and financial information, are adequate and if such information has been prepared in accordance with accounting practices in Brazil, which are aligned with the international financial reporting standards (IFRS).

A diagnosis is made considering:

  • The correct adoption of accounting practices adopted in Brazil
  • Inspection and validation of analysis, reconciliations, documents and auxiliary reports that support the main balances of assets, liabilities and profit or loss accounts
  • Review of the calculation of direct and indirect taxes
  • Review and correct presentation of ancillary obligations
  • Application of recalculation tests for Payroll and Payroll Taxes
  • Effective Compliance with laws applicable to the company

Such work adds significant value to companies and top management by ensuring that reliable and high quality information is obtained, guaranteeing increased transparency of operations, reducing risk of errors and consequent tax violation notices, also offering opportunities for improvement in accounting, tax, internal process, labor and social security practices. These services are developed by experienced teams and help clients in the strategic guidance of their businesses.

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