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Electronic crosschecks and ancillary obligations auditing

The States, Cities, Federal District and Brazilian Revenue Service, in order to speed up and expand the fiscal actions, are investing in the standardization of the accounting and tax information, seeking the use of electronic systems to facilitate the validation of taxes calculation and the information provided by taxpayers.

To accompany these developments, companies are required to prepare and deliver a variety of information such as: SPED FISCAL, SPED CONTÁBIL, SPED CONTRIBUIÇÕES, and still comply with various tax obligations such as: DCTF, DIPJ replaced by ECF, FCONT, GIAs, DIRF, DIMOB and countless others.

In line with this new reality and seeking to provide another important service to its clients, PP&C has developed an auditing system that allows for the preliminary analysis of information contained in various tax obligations and electronic files delivered by companies to tax authorities, which allows for a prior or subsequent evaluation of the data contained in the files and statements.

PP&C’s system carries out hundreds of analyses and checks between the various files and information in order to ensure that the information is consistent, identifying opportunities for improvement or situations that must be addressed by the company in advance to avoid possible tax audits.

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