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Director - Rio

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Advisory Director

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“MAKING the business world a smaller place”

Competitiveness makes companies progressively seek more improvements in their operational and administrative processes in order to maximize their results through the reduction of costs and increase in revenues. PP&C is recognized for its expertise in advising companies in problem solving, enabling businesses and in the identification of strategies. PP&C’s experience is founded on several successful cases, achieved in complex business environments and with significant results.

Internal Auditing

PP&C has relevant experience in internal auditing. Since 1991, it has a specific area dedicated to engagements of this nature, which is comprised of highly specialized and skilled professionals with experience in many different and varied business processes with a diversified client portfolio.

The auditing work carried out by PP&C is not limited to verifying policies, standards, processes, applicable law and the accounting and tax procedures. The work is strongly supported by a methodology that considers the evaluation of business strategies and alternatives that can bring improvements in the financial and operational efficiency. This advantage is based on the recognized expertise that PP&C has in business management.

PP&C’s staff is permanently trained, with experience in internal and external auditing, the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act - SOX, tax area reviews, human resources routines, IT, merger and acquisition work, enabling its professionals to have a much more comprehensive and effective vision for internal auditing functions. These professionals are qualified to carry out the work inherent to an internal auditing department, including:

  • Map processes
  • Identify risks and control activities, assess internal controls, test their efficiency, anticipate possible problems and offer recommendations to strengthen and improve these controls
  • Assist in creating and maintaining an effective environment for the operation of the controls, presenting or discussing strategies, alternatives for improvement in operational efficiency, policies, standards and procedures
  • Assess the correct application of generally accepted accounting principles and the adequacy in compliance with various laws
  • Investigate and determine responsibilities for fraud
  • Provide support to the top management for a better understanding of the company's operations, enabling more active and integrated actions
  • Identify areas for improvement or cost reduction

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